Monday, June 21, 2010

New Arrival

Introducing my new dishes :) This is Momma's pottery, which was handmade in the desert by a local artist.  The pottery very much fits the feel of the high desert and I am so happy to have this set!

On each piece are unique petroglyph figures modeled after the petroglyphs found in the desert mountains and canyons surrounding my home town.  Each piece is different.

This is one of my favorite designs--a pregnant mountain goat :)  Unfortunately, this bowl broke in the shipping, but there's already an order placed for me with Lois to increase my set from 8 to 12, so I'll just add another bowl or two :) I hope she takes design requests--I want this goat back!

So, next time you're over at my house, ask to see my new dishes--if I haven't already invited you into my kitchen to show you!
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