Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Journey Home

Another excerpt from Lilith.  I think I need to read this book every few years, it's so full of Hope and Life.

But hark the herald of the sun, the auroral wind, softly trumpeting his approach! The master-minister of the human tabernacle is at hand! Heaping before his prow a huge ripple-fretted wave of crimson and gold, he rushes aloft, as if new launched from the urging hand of his maker into the upper sea--pauses, and looks down on the world. White-raving storm of molten metals, he is but a coal from the altar of the Father's never-ending sacrifice to his children. See every little flower straighten its stalk, lift up its neck, and with outstretched head stand expectant: something more than the sun, greater than the light, is coming, is coming--none the less surely coming that it is long upon the road! What matters to-day, or to-morrow, or ten thousand years to Life himself, to Love himself! He is coming, is coming, and the necks of all humanity are stretched out to see him come! Every morning will they thus outstretch themselves, every evening will they droop and wait--until he comes. --Is this but an air-drawn vision? When he comes, will he indeed find them watching thus?
It was a glorious resurrection-morning. The night had been spent in preparing it!

It helps me remember that we are on the way, to a Home beyond compare.  We are journeying ever onward, "further in, come further in," toward a Love that does not contain Himself but overflows into all His creation.  Indeed, we are all pregnant with expectation for that final Glorious Resurrection-Morning. Dawn is ever the hope of man.

And it is coming.

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