Tuesday, June 8, 2010


the "law bag."

She wanted a pretty, versatile bag that was still big enough to hold a law school textbook or two.*  So I added a few extra inches on the sides and reinforced the straps and seams.

Button on the inside closes in a buttonhole on the back of the purse.  Ample-sized pockets can hold small notebooks, purse doodads, and the pen slot can hold two pens, to keep 'em handy.

If my law-student husband was a girl (um.. we won't go into that too deeply) ;) he'd want this bag. I know it.  He'd be so stylin'!  Everyone would ask him "where did you get that fabulous bag?" and he'd say "my wife made it."  Or maybe, if he was a girl, his (her) husband would be doing the sewing, and (s)he'd have to say "my husband Anne made it for me."

Hm.. nevermind. That's confusing. 
Back to the purse :) 

contact me if you're interested 

*photo credit to Taylor for his law books :) 


  1. Good call on the reinforced straps. Must-have for a law student

  2. That is a great bag! It would also make a great diaper bag. Great work.

  3. Nice! I am diggin' the extra inches.