Monday, June 7, 2010

Did You Know?

about my SuperAmazingWonderfullyAwesome Seester?  Well, let me tell you.

  1. She graduated a year ago, despite Momma's death during midterms, but wasn't having luck finding a "grown up" job in Long Beach (ah, sunny CA), so... she: 
  2. moved to Boston (cold, wet, rainy, freezing BostonInJanuary)--all the way across the country--to look for a job (no, she had no prospects/offers when she moved here)!  Amazing, no? But wait, there's more! 
  3. Staying on T's and my futon couch for 5 months, she temped at various (tolerable and less-so) positions until she found one that fit.  And they gave it to her. Because she's awesome. 
  4. Meanwhile, working full time, she did my dishes almost every night. What kind of roommate does that? Wonderful ones, I guess :) 
  5. She wakes up on time every morning (I should know--sometimes her getting-ready wakes my lazy-sleeping-in-self up (a good thing, Viv, promise!)) and heads out to work, looking fabulous every day, and repeatedly wows her coworkers and employers (oh, and did I mention she brings home cake?!). 
  6. She took Taylor and me out to dinner--her treat--to celebrate her "big person job" Tasty? ooh, yes. 
  7. THEN, she found a room for rent and.. this weekend, we moved her out.  I felt not a little bit like a mother dropping her first baby off at her first day of Kindergarten.  I won't say I cried all the way home in the car, but if you asked me, I might just refuse to answer...  
  8. She takes the bus to work every day--and really, buses are intimidating to people (like me) who grew up driving everywhere for lack of a bus system.  This week, she's getting the feel of a new bus route, to go with her new home. She just takes it all in stride. 
  9. She goes shopping with me!  And picks out fun clothes for me to try on, and tells me if she likes them or not.  I've heard it said "that's just what girls do, Annie" but it's new for me. And tons of fun. And I love having my sister in town! 
  10. She's facing the difficult task of getting to know new roommates and figure out her new living situation.  I only vaguely remember my first semester freshman year (probably because I blocked a lot of it out), new roommate, new situation, new classes, etc.  For Viv, it's a strange mix of having family in town, being comfortable at her job, being familiar with Boston, but now going "home" to practical strangers who don't know her and all her lovely quirks (yet).  It's easy to forget, after four years of a permanent roommate, what it's like to live with new people.  

It's hard starting out--again and again--on your own, and I am so proud of my younger sister.  She's always been such a strong, willful person, and has overcome many struggles in her relatively short life.  I have seen, and continue to expect, great things from her.

I will miss having her around the house, but I know it's a good thing that she's "out there" on her own, so to speak.  I'll miss her face, and her silly faces, and the way she makes us laugh. And I'll miss hearing her come in from work as I'm getting dinner ready.  Yes, I'll miss all those dishes I didn't have to clean, but I know we'll see her often.  It's just another step on the way together, adjusting to new growth and life.

The first reading at Momma's funeral Mass was about Judith.  I think it fits for Vivian Rose, too.  We love you!
When they met her, they all blessed her with one accord and said to her, ‘You are the glory of Jerusalem, you are the great boast of Israel, you are the great pride of our nation! You have done all this with your own hand; you have done great good to Israel, and God is well pleased with it. May the Almighty Lord bless you for ever!’ And all the people said, ‘Amen.’
Judith 15:9-10

You'll always make me smile, Sweetie :) 


  1. I know I normally don't write comments on your blog even though I read it! I love this post. Vivian IS awesome. So glad I got to spend time with all of you. :)

  2. "And all the people," including her father, "said, ‘Amen.’"

  3. :-( Awe, sad. The end. I hope she will come over for dinner lots. Especially, while Taylor is away. Congrats to Vivian on the job. Hopefully she will settle in her new place quickly.