Friday, June 18, 2010

Let's Smile

I am of the firm belief that a smile can change the way a day goes.  Even your smile brightening your own day.  There's something unique that happens when your face maneuvers into a grin.  If you do it often enough, you'll begin to feel happy. I promise :)

When I was a kid, my brownie troupe leader thought I was hyper-active and often made me sit in the corner and told me to chill out.  Well--maybe I was a little.. excited sometimes :) but Momma always told me I was just a happy kid.  As one grows up, it can be harder to be "just happy" but I've tried.  And I've been blessed enough that, often, my eyes sparkle into a smile of simple joy and contentment.

Anyway, what's the point of this post?  Have you ever wondered what "renidemus" means (ok, admittedly, probably not).  Wanna try something neat? Go to and type in "renidemus."  My stuff!  So there you go--a nice easy way to find me on the web.. if you can remember how to spell renidemus.

It's from the Latin verb "renidere" which means: to shine back , glitter; to beam with joy, laugh, smile.  And renidemus is (are you ready for this?) the first person plural present active indicative form of the verb (I think I got that all right).  And so it means:

"let's shine back; let's glitter; let's beam with joy; let's laugh; let's smile"
So get to it!

so many wonderful smiles in my life :) Count your blessings!


  1. Eeee! Those pics are really cute. I really like this post, because it's true. I actually had to learn to smile in ninth grade. Not that I never did, but I learned it as a tool. My tennis coach didn't like my attitude. I was confused, because I had no attitude. I simply did what I was told and was eager to play. Then she pointed to a girl who she did like her attitude. So I observed her and the difference was that she smiled at everyone, all the time. It made people want to be around her. She made people feel good and she was easy to be around. So, I decided to smile all the time for several days and things changed big in all aspects of life. I need to remember to keep doing that. It really makes a difference in everyone feels. It's important to keep the joie de vivre alive and live with a peaceful, joyful heart in the Lord.

  2. I love your smile, Renee :) I should smile more at work.. maybe I need to look at more pictures of your kids!