Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another One

Another custom purse, for the awesome girlfriend of one of T's law buddies.

Here you go, D--some pictures to pine away the time until you receive it :)

This is one of the three-in-one purses.  Three materials, three outsides, (three straps--just tuck that middle one inside when you're not using it), all in one purse.

Not a bad deal, really :)

D wanted key-fobs, pockets for chapstick and tissues, pockets that close, a few pen slots, and matching front buttons.  Hope she likes it!

Want one? :)


  1. Amazing! Anne Black is a genius.

  2. it's all because of my muse :)

  3. These purses are fantastic! I'm usin g mine as I type this!

  4. Very impressive! So beautiful. I'm still blessed by my stole every morning next to my bed :)

  5. oh, Dave! I'm so glad you like the stole--it was therapeutic for me to make it, too, since I used to help Momma with them when I was still in town. We are blessed by your friendship :)