Wednesday, July 21, 2010

... (Wordless)

The saying goes: A picture's worth a thousand words.

But I've always been one of those pesky people who wants more than a thousand words.  I want the whole story behind a picture. I want to know who the people are; where they came from; what they're doing; why the photographer was struck by the scene and decided to shoot it.  I want to know what kind of animal it is or where the photo was taken or how long ago.  A thousand words just isn't enough.

And yet, I also recognize that certain photos are meant to speak for themselves, without additional explanation.  That the photographer doesn't always have anything in mind when composing and shooting the scene--perhaps he was simply (and wordlessly) struck by its beauty or tragedy.

When I encounter photos without explanation, it is an exercise in patience for me to look at them, to search them for the story and for details not readily apparent.  It is an exercise in going beyond the surface, out the photographer's lens and stepping into the scene.

So this will be my exercise--to post a picture every week without any explanation from me.  I will try to make it a new photo each week, but I reserve the right to tap into my archives! ;)

I have not decided if I will post a title or not.  Titles are important to me and I almost always "name" my photos that I share, and I find it frustrating when I see photos without anything, even a title. But perhaps it will be good for me to leave that blank too. I don't know.


if I were to add a title, this one would probably be "bucket stroll"

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  1. Anne, this post is so YOU. Well, every post is "you" of course, but I read this and had to chuckle. I have commented before on how fun it is to read your captions because I can tell you take the time to deliberately and carefully explain the picture. Sometimes it's humorous, sometimes it's serious. But yes, you never seem to be able to leave a photo unexplained :) That's okay! I'll admit, most times I simply feel inadequately clever or descriptive so I'll leave it. Or just lazy ;) But always, I enjoy reading your perspective on your photography.