Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Latest Adventure

T and I got some herbs last week.  I've had herbs before and.. they lasted a little while, but I couldn't keep them going.  Is it possible to keep herbs in pots for several years?  Do you just have to invest each spring in new plants unless they're in the ground?  Ah well, we're trying it again this year :)  Right now, they look bright and sunny on our window sill in the kitchen, smiling in the afternoon sunshine.

Our other adventure, though, is that we got tomato plants.

I've never grown any of my own food before (I know, you're thinking "and you want a farm?!"), but we all have to begin somewhere, and I figure inside plants are "a very good place [for me] to start."  One of the three plants we bought has two green tomatoes on it, so if nothing else, we'll hopefully get those two :)  Though I think I see one little bud emerging on one of the other plants.  Does anyone have any tips on growing tomatoes?  Like how often I should water, etc? I'll be sure to keep you posted on our progress as container-tomate-er farmers :)

Also, I think I want to do a weekly pictures-only post.  I haven't decided what day will be best for it--maybe Monday? since that's usually a kick-start sort of day.  But know that it's in the works.  Isn't that exciting? :)


  1. I read a blog that does pictures on Wednesday and calls it "Wordless Wednesday."

  2. Well. I have three tomato plants in a planter outside on our deck. So far they have flowered tons but I haven't seen any buds. My advice (from the nursery people) was that tomato plants need lots and lots of water (Tomatoes are, what 90% water?) and they don't like to be cold (not a problem at this point :) I hope yours grow! What variety are yours?