Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Two of a Kind

Remember that print Viv and I took to the frame shop to have set?  It's finished and it's beautiful!  I will try to take better pictures of it, and have both of them side-by-side, but for now, here they are, on their own walls.

The first one. Momma and I picked out the frame and mat boards when I was in high school:

The second one.  Momma picked this one out as my inheritance from Grammy, to go with the first one.  Viv and I picked out the frame this time.

I think they go well together, though (of course) they don't match.  I knew it would be impossible to "match" them, since I got the first one done at Michael's in CA (years and years ago).  I haven't put them up next to each other yet, so I don't know how well they look together, but on opposite walls in the same room--stunning :)

I am happy to have them both framed.  And happy to have the Van Gogh posters down from the wall.  I mean, those are great paintings, but only when they're paintings, not prints, thumb-tacked up on the wall.  I feel more like a grown up now :)

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