Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hey Saturday!!

Actually, it would be better to say "Hey Weekend!!" because it was an awesome weekend all around. Saturday morning we slept in and had a leisurely breakfast of tasty spelt pancakes, eggs (not for me), fruit, and bacon! After heming and hawing a bit about what to do that day, we decided to go see Alice in Wonderland.  We headed out into the remarkably fresh (and almost warm) afternoon toward the theater.  It was a glorious day, in so many ways!

And I will be honest with you, I really liked the movie.  Admittedly, I did not go in with high hopes for a life-changing cinematic experience, nor did I expect the soft fluffy cartoon version Disney did years ago.  I knew it would be a little spooky (what Tim Burton movie isn't, really?), and relatively dark.  But I also had hopes for a fun, enjoyable movie.  And that's what I got.  There were some parts that were a little silly, but the story is a little silly anyway.  I like the actors and the variation the writers came up with, and I would definitely see it again.  

In fact, we all liked it so much, we walked by a bookstore in search of Carroll's original stories.  Happily, we found them! both stories in one volume (annotated, actually.  The layout is such that one doesn't have to pay attention to the side notes, but they are there if one wants them).  When Viv and I have finished Lord of the Rings, she and T and I will read through all of Alice's adventures.  It should be enlightening :)

See, I haven't read the books before, and that could be one reason why I didn't find the movie offensive at all.  On that same theme, though, I love (love love) Tolkien's Lord of the Rings--could be my favorite story ever.  And I also really like the movies.  But they're not the same. I don't consider the three Lord of the Rings movies to be "just movie versions of the book."  That's ridiculous (and it would be a horrible mash-up of the written story, too).  Instead, I find it's easiest for me to appreciate the movies apart from the book.  The characters happen to have the same names, and the plots are somewhat similar, but really, they're different stories :)

After visiting with Alice, we walked home in the crisp clean afternoon air, and made some soup, ate it with bread, and generally had a quiet evening together (quite welcome after a long week).

Sunday was another easy day. Mass in the morning. Lunch at home with a few friends. Lazy, lounging afternoon.  The one "productive" thing we did (relaxing is productive, no matter what other people say!) was getting my inherited silk embroidered print to the framing shop.  It will be composed to go well with this one, which my Grammy gave me in middle school:

The second print is a bit more golden, and there's more brown in it.  Viv came to the shop with me (oh sweet, tolerant seester!) and was a good sounding board for all the (manymany) options the helpful framing-guy showed me.  I'm excited to see what they look like together when it's done.  Maybe I can finally get rid of the college-esque posters on our entry wall :S

After we left the shop, print delivered safely, Viv thought it was time for a treat :) we we crossed the street to Athan's and picked out a few sweets and chocolates.  I know it's Lent, but it was a Sunday, after all :)


  1. I didn't think that the movie destroyed the story of LOTR. There were some areas that could have been done better or things that were omitted. But, all and all it was a good series...Some movies are successful at doing justice to their original stories and others do not. Fun weekend--I am jealous.

  2. Well, you're right--the movies didn't destroy the books at all, but I feel they're different enough (in plot line and added elements) that I just don't consider them the *same* story. There are far too many wonderful things in the books that the movies either left out (mostly for good reason--Bombadil would be a hard character to do on screen, I think) or mixed up and interpreted way differently than I imagined. So I enjoy both the books and the movies, but not as twins. Rather, distant cousins, maybe? :)

    We can have a weekend like this when you and Andrew come up to visit us :)