Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Candlestick Maker

Yep, that's me!

Years ago, when I was still an undergrad at GU (gosh, that was 5 years ago!), the sacristan for the Student Chapel asked me if I wanted the altar candle remnants.  Never one to pass up an offer of free (non-scented!) candles, I said yes and he presented me with two (!) large boxes of 6" tall beeswax candles.  Awesome.

And they've traveled with me wherever I moved from then on.  I now have the boxes (which are a little more empty now) in our buffet, and I still use the candles around the house.  I love the subtle smell of beeswax :)  and I love candlelight.  We try to light candles when we pray together--it's so much more intimate and it sets the scene for hallowed thoughts, I think.  There's something enchanting about candle light.  At night, T and I turn off the lights and burn candles before falling asleep.  It's so much more satisfying to puff out a candle flame, rather than flicking a wall switch.  The transition is better, too, from the soft glow of a warm flame to the gathering darkness of sleep...

Only trouble is, the candles drip a lot of wax (I don't have any followers for the tips of the candles). I hate to see such good wax go to waste (besides, it's been blessed--can't throw it out!), so I've saved the drippings in a ziploc bag.  And I accumulated quite a lot over the past several years.

So... I made candles yesterday!  We have several scented candles in glass jars that were running low, so I melted the remainder of the scented wax with the beeswax remnants and re-filled the jars.  I even filled several votive holders with plain beeswax to use around the house.  I am super excited.  My favorite, you might have guessed, are the green votive holders, which I got as a C'mas present to use at Pentecost this year.

I might need to get some more candle glasses next time :) We'll see! Now go enjoy some candlelight yourself!


  1. ooh :) thank you! I'm glad you like them :D

  2. What a grand idea! You are resourceful wife! :)

  3. Nice. Lucky you to be the recipient of the candles and good job holding on to them all these years.