Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mustard Mei Tai

Last week was a pretty gray week, in many ways.   It was cold and wet outside, which I don't mind--it's perfect sewing weather. Pot of tea. Movies playing. The hmm-mm-mm-mm of my sewing machine. Fabulous.  And I was warm and cozy inside.

Not only was it gray outside, but it was sort of gray inside. Gray and yellow!

I finally finished Kayleen's mei tai and mailed it off to her!

Kayleen picked out some very pretty yet subtle prints, and I really enjoyed putting it all together.  All in all, I think it turned out well.

The reverse side. She didn't realize it when she picked it out, but this is a very good "neutral" side for boy babies (or baby-wearing-husbands). And here I thought she had done it on purpose ;)

I had fun with the details, of course, too :)

From the pictures Kayleen sent, although Lou doesn't look terribly enthused (she was sleepy) :) it seems to work very well.  She says they're happy with it and Mike is surprised at how comfy it is.  (I love surprising husbands. I'm not sure why.)

Happy baby-wearing, guys! :) 


  1. Anne, I LOVE this. Your fabric choice and everything is so cute. Is this your pattern? You should open an etsy shop, you know.

  2. Kayleen actually picked out the fabric, so she gets the credit there :) And the pattern I improvised from the infant mei tai tutorial here: inspired by her toddler mei tai:

    I can't sell these carriers, though, because I don't have permission to. But if you want the pattern I use, let me know :)