Thursday, March 18, 2010

Fellowship of the Band

I was cleaning up the kitchen the other day, putting things away, wiping off counter tops, sweeping the floor, etc. We have lots of rubber bands in our house.. not sure why, but they're everywhere in the kitchen.  We use them to secure bags of anything (coffee, flour, rice, popcorn), and I frequently find them on the counter, fallen comrades from a vanquished (and trashed) bag of something.

I found this one that day and took it over to the drawer where we keep them, and I noticed that someone had written something on it (If you're a Tolkien fan, this might sound familiar...)
One rubber band to rule them all..

One rubber band to find them...

And, I'm sure (if he had had enough room) it would have continued:
One rubber band to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them..

Not sure what "land" it would be in, though. Not Mordor--the rubber band would melt.

Can you guess who inscribed this rubber band? ;)

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