Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ok, Kayleen, 20 Things

My friend, Kayleen, is going a bit stir-crazy waiting for Louisa her Lovely to arrive ex-utero... so here are 20 random things about myself at her request (and to have an extra laugh, go check out hers to see how I'm teasing her a bit). 
  1. I do not like microwaves. If I can avoid using them, I do. Even if I have to wash an extra pan. 
  2. I do not even have a microwave :)
  3. I sometimes wish I had straight hair (only sometimes!) so I could just brush it out and have done with it.
  4. I have had the baby bug since my nephew was born almost 12 years ago.
  5. I wish I could harmonize like my in-laws...  though I suppose every good harmony needs a melody first, right? 
  6. The only exciting thing that ever happens on my birthday is election day. 
  7. I love wearing socks! In fact, for the longest time, my sister Summer would get me fun and outrageous socks just for the fun of it! But I do have sweaty feet, so my shoes get stinky too :)
  8. When I listen to a CD I don't skip any songs (usually).  Unlike a certain man in my life who puts a CD in, skips to the two or three songs he likes, then puts in a new CD and does the same thing. His brother is the same way.
  9. I went to Canada for World Youth Day in 2002 :) with a group of GU students I didn't even know! (That was a long time ago, Mike, remember?). It was great.
  10. I have OCD with organizing things, too. It's just so satisfying to have a neat and organized shelf, drawer, cupboard, closet--anything! 
  11. I love driving stick shifts, too! My favorite one is my brother's subaru.. Someday I'll have one like that, too :D
  12. I don't like red cars. At all. 
  13. I pop my fingers all the time, too! And my toes. Taylor thinks it's so weird!
  14. I've never thought about a space between someone's front teeth being attractive or not. That's a pretty random fact, Kayleen :)
  15. Most of my current good friends I have known less than 8 years. 
  16. I have very vivid dreams, too. And my husband talks in his sleep. He's hilarious!
  17. I used to bite my fingernails OFF all the time. Then I went up to CO to help my sister  get the house ready her wedding the week before the festivities began. I was, literally, so busy that I did not have time to bite my nails. So I don't bite my nails off anymore, but I do chew on them all the time. 
  18. I never understood minesweeper either, but my brother was always really good at it. Then I found that the internet, in all its glory, is a much easier waste.. er.. way to uh... pass the time :D
  19. I want to have a Hobbit farm and grow flowers under my round windows :)
  20. I want to have cute little Hobbit children (like these, but probably with curly hair) and dress them in green and yellow. 
So there you are, Kayleen. Twenty random things about myself that sort-of correspond to your twenty random things :) Hope Little LuLu comes soon! (And by the way, I have something I need to mail to you guys!)


  1. Oh you're so silly! :P

    2 things: one, I LOVE your hair. I would do almost anything to have curly hair like yours...mine, I curl every day to simply get a wave into it! Two, I can't wait to see those little hobbit children dressed in green and yellow. I'd even like to make a green and yellow quilt to match. ;)

  2. I like the election day one! I think I've had my birthday on election day 3 or 4 times. (mine is the 5th of november) other then that, November is not a very exciting month...