Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Husband, the Non-Blogger

Most of you know that T keeps a blog, too:
However, as you will note if you visit his blog, he doesn't update it very often.  His last post was from November and it was a (great, by the way) poem that he really enjoyed. [That he posts seldom and rarely posts his own thoughts/happenings is not a bad thing. It's just not his style to blog, I think.]
In conclusion, I'd like to announce Taylor's discovery of the perfect medium for online expression. Facebook is too distracting. Blogging is too demanding. But Twitter... well, Twitter is short, sweet, and easy to update. He can be poetic and artistic; or droll and witty; or get-down-to-business; or chatty and responsive.  In short (and in haiku form, as he is fond of posting in this manner on Twitter): 
Taylor on Twitter
means you'll hear about him more
Hooray for Twitter

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