Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Been A Long, Long Time!

Spokane! I never knew, when I came to Gonzaga 7 years ago, that I would miss it so much! Even when we left in the summer fo 2007, I didn't know that I would miss it so much. I didn't know, really, until we came back to visit :)  It's still a little funny to me, to miss a place, when so many of the people you met and loved there are no longer there. But I suppose coming back to a place like Spokane, for T and me, is like seeing an old friend again--we learned so much about the city and each other all together! 
When we arrived this evening we met up with Dr. Stebbins and his wife for dinner at Catacombs, which was just lovely. Good food, good atmosphere, good friends, and nice leisurely conversation.  We were a little worried about finding parking "downtown" on a Saturday evening, but HA! it was just Spokane and we parked at a meter a mere two blocks from the restaurant. I handed T a quarter for the half-hour left of metered parking time and he said, "A whole quarter? That would buy a week's worth of parking time in Spokane!" Can you tell we've been spoiled out here and are just a bit frustrated on the east coast? :)  Oh well...
After dinner we drove back to the GU area. We are staying in an empty room of the house where T's brother is living this year for school. It's also the house we lived in for two weeks when we were first married :) How's that for memories?!  So we brought in our sleeping bags and futons and our suitcase and promptly set out for a short walk around the neighborhood. More memories! When T and I were dating we took many (many) walks around the GU area and the Logan neighborhood... it was simply enchanting and somewhat fairy-like to wander around and remember; hearing the snow crunch and holding hands as we walked from street to street, recalling the names and people who lived at such-and-such house.  Mmm... sweet life! 
Tomorrow is Kristiana's baptism! We will go to Ss. Cyril and Methodius (our first parish!) for Liturgy and we are so excited to see the Claytons :D 

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