Monday, May 3, 2010

Sourdough Pizza

In hopes of eating allergen-free baked goods, I have delved into the delightful and exciting realm of sourdough cultures and starters and doughs.  I am a novice, at best. But I believe I have found a method that is practical and dumbed-down enough for sourdough-challenged me.

So I did a little bit of looking around and found a sourdough pizza crust recipe that seemed do-able to me.  And.. I did it!  I made pizza without yeast, and the crust was not a dense, flat, unevenly cooked mess of flour and water.. which is all I really put into it :)  (well, that and a pinch of salt and oil for kneading).  Who knew the air was so full of little yeasty bugs?

This pizza was particularly exciting because I got to use the pizza stone that T's family got us for our anniversary :) I can't wait to bake a nice sourdough bole on it.. someday, when my starter is more mature and bubble-icious!

If I had been able to roll the dough a little bit thinner, I wouldn't have had to bake it as long.  As it was, the bottom of the pizza was just a tad too hard for my taste, but it was still delicious.  And now I have to make it again--to see if i can get it right :)

Topped with one can of diced tomatoes (drained well), chopped marinated artichokes, and a nice thick layer of leftover anniversary-salami, this pizza was pretty darn good!


  1. Taylor was right when he said "I basically have no reason to complain about anything in my life" :) You are a great and adventurous cook Anne! Taylor is lucky to have you :)

  2. Thanks, Kayleen! I'm lucky to have Taylor--who will try anything I make :) he's so good to me.