Friday, May 14, 2010


I haven't blogged for a little bit.

I've had plenty to blog about, like my trip to Texas, to visit my best friend and her sweet family

Claytons in May

Or doing my first maternity photo shoot, trying deliberately to do artful shots that turn out well and are worth printing


or even just taking pictures of the cat while chatting with Renee :)

Samwise the Great

But, no. I haven't been in the mood to write about it. The pictures do a good job of telling the story :) It was quite a busy weekend, but we did have so much fun.

In the meantime, there's a bit of a relief from the busy-ness in Boston, because yesterday T finished his second final (of four this semester).  We can breathe a bit easier, at least for a day or two!  I know it may seem silly to "share" in the stress of T's final, but I guess that's what wives do, huh?  While he's studying, I always do my best to leave him alone and feed him and make him tea or coffee and.. sometimes.. to distract him at the right moments :)

Next Friday is his last one, and then.. he's planning a surprise for me :)

Can I tell you how in love with this man I am?  He's always got something wonderful up his sleeve, just at the right moment.  He finds little treats when he comes grocery shopping with me, persuasively edging them into the basket, "because you'd like it," he tells me.  From birthday celebrations and presents, to planning anniversary picnics, to every-day-little-bitty things, to these sweet weekend excursions, he knows just how to take care of me.  He won't tell me where we're going, unless I want him to, but he tells me what sort of things to bring and when we'll leave and come back.  How beautiful to be so attended to.

So, I'm greatly looking forward to our own little retreat between the end-of-finals and pick-up-summer-writing-assignment and summer-internship-training-in-AZ.

It will be a busy summer, too.. working and networking and visiting and vacations.

But for now, and in just a week, we have space to breathe "ahhh" in, and I'm going to relish every bit of it.

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  1. Love it! It was a great visit. We miss you. Alex talked about you a little bit on our way to Washington.