Friday, May 28, 2010

'Come Saturday Morning...

It's magically become our "own" little town, a place we go where we always have fun--without work or school or outside pressures and distractions. We have this "secret" destination where we can be completely alone surrounded by people. Small enough to be immediately familiar, but busy enough that a couple from out of town isn't conspicuous.  The people are friendly and will chat with us if we venture conversation, but they are just as content to let us stroll by, lost in our own revelries.

Driving into Bar Harbor was like coming home, in a way. Arriving at our leisure, we were welcomed to the sunshiney goodness of a vacation town with a cozy fog rolling in over the sea and a bright, fresh room, just for us.

After checking in, we went to the Vigil Mass for Pentecost at Holy Redeemer Church.  I love being Catholic--maybe that's why I'm always "at home" whenever we travel.. the Mass is always the same.  The liturgy was wonderful, reminding me of my home parish in CA.  The priest has a fabulously deep, booming (Maine-mountain-man) voice, and it made us both smile as he said all the prayers and readings with such resonance.

We wandered around the small town a bit, and down to the harbor, walking hand in hand along the short beach.  Taylor skipped rocks and we looked at the sand bugs, enjoying the fresh sea-salt air and each other's company.

Our dinner reservations were not until 8, but we were both getting hungry.  So we headed to Cafe This Way, just to see if they could seat us earlier.  We were in luck! We were seated in no time and enjoyed a delicious, relaxing dinner with a fantastic bottle of wine, all in a charming atmosphere--surrounded by books!  Being so close to the ocean, we naturally ordered seafood--crab and shrimp crispy spring rolls, rare yellowfin tuna and "Brazilian" shrimp, mussels, and scallops.  Taylor forked the first shrimp and said, "This one's for you, Paolo" [his (Brazilian) criminal procedure law prof].

One of the reasons T planned this trip was as a much-deserved break between his last final (Friday) and starting his writing assignment (Monday).  Two days away was all we could spare. But it was enough.  Just 36 meandering hours before the grind begins again... we made the most of it :)

We had picked up some fudge on our wanderings-before-dinner so we decided to forgo dessert in exchange for an early night.  We snuggled up contentedly in front of our own fireplace, hot tea and fudge bites before us, and chatted the gloaming dusk away.  It wasn't cold outside, or in our room, but it was just cool enough with the windows open to enjoy the warmth of the fire.

I love being able to fall in love with my husband again and again.  Each morning when I wake up, dreams are rubbed away and the Truth and Goodness and Loveliness of my life are fresh and new.  I don't always remember this when my alarm wakes me up, reminding me to go to work, but every day there is something enchanting and mystifying being married to my Love.  I am infinitely blessed.

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