Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Our visit to CA:
Family BBQ and a birthday party for three grandkids.
Mass w/ the family.
Babysitting nieces and nephews.
Babysitting more..
and more..
and sewing a bit.
Chatting with my Daddy and the sibs.
Cleaning the house and sorting through heirloom treasures.
God-mother-ing at a double-baptism (only God mother once, though) :)
Cleaning some more before the reception and family pictures.
A great evening with good friends...
and lots more family!
Mass again with the WHOLE family (amazing!)
Pizza and the best breadsticks ever!
Carpooling with three children in our car to the airport.
Home on a red-eye to Boston.
Exhuasting Monday.
Better Tuesday. But still can't sleep right now...
See? A great visit.
Check out the flickr photos:
I'll try to post some Picasa pictures soon, too. And the toy truck pictures, Summer :)

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