Thursday, May 21, 2009

While I'm Listing Things...

I thought I'd put down a list of all the projects I'm still working on, and some new ones I've added. 
  1. Still need to fix the kimono.  I made it WAY too wide and need to narrow each of the panels. Trouble is, this means I have to take the sleeves off (and narrow those, too) and then narrow the outside panels and the liner panels. And I'm lazy *sigh*
  2. My Noah's ark. I think what stopped me on this one was being unsure how to finish off the frame.  The easiest thing to do would be to get a custom-cut piece of acrylic that I can attach to the front of the frame, like a shadow box (it's just not worth it to let little fingers touch all those delicate clay pieces).  I really only have a few more animal pairs to paint (including the platopi I made by T's request--not pictured).  
  3. I did finish a knitting project I started while in CA after Momma's funeral.  But I can't really share much about it.. or post pictures 0:-)  I can say that it turned out well and was much appreciated! 
  4. While in CA I also made my nephew Carrick a hat and made Lorna another pair of booties (which, honestly, were supposed to be for Carrick but he was too big for them and I didn't size them right). Those turned out well, too. 
  5. I've been slowly getting back into making cards. [We don't have any birthdays or anniversaries in February or March (can you believe it? with ALL the birthdays/anniversaries in our families?), which is usually when I "stock pile" the cards for the rest of the rather-busy-with-birthdays year.  Obviously this year, February and March were a bit more full than usual. So I didn't get to the cards.] And I'll be making more over the next few weeks. I hope I don't forget anyone!
  6. Also, I bought some watercolor paints and some thicker paper so.. maybe I'll try some watercolor cards, too. No idea how they'll turn out, so don't get your hopes up! ;)
  7. I have been keeping up with my photo-a-day project. Here's the link to my set on flickr:
There we go. 7 is a good number :)

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