Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our Anniversary Weekend (On Our Anniversary)

So Taylor took me away for a weekend! My wonderful husband is so good to me! I can't seem to tell him enough lately. Maybe by telling all of you it will help me feel I've said it enough. Maybe not :)  
It's also hard to believe we've been married for three years. It's not a very long time at all, really. Sometimes it feels like we've always been together like this. Sometimes it feels like we were married just yesterday.  Of course, the more we know each other, the deeper our love is, so it's never really like we were just married. We have grown and matured and become closer over the years. Here's to another three years together, my Love! And here's to the rest of what God has in store, too!
We left on Friday after a nice (albeit quick) dinner with our friend Paul (who house-sat for us (to finish his paper)) and arrived at the Inn at Stockbridge around 8:30.  After checking in, we brought our bags to our room and I found a dozen orange roses waiting for me with a nice cozy fire and some sherry!  
(I should write another post about the orange roses story--it's a good one.. and I think I could even make it short-ish, too!)  
The inn had wireless internet, so it was nice to stay up-to-date over the weekend. Sometimes getting physically "away from it all" is enough without disconnecting oneself from everything else, too.  We checked our email and snuggled down for a delightfully heavy sleep... and slept for some 10 hours. Lovely :) 
Saturday was fun, too. We had breakfast at the inn (it is a bed and breakfast) and then drove to the foot of Mt. Greylock--and hiked all the way up! It only took us 2.5 hours for a (roughly) 2,000 foot climb (up). Unfortunately, we forgot to bring lunch up with us, so we were rather starving when we came down (but don't worry, we had plenty of water, which was tremedously helpful).  We were sore the rest of the weekend (at least I was--I think T was fine), but it was a great hike, nonetheless!
We got a late lunch at Subway before heading back to the inn, showering, and strolling around Great Barrington, MA looking for the Mahaiwe performing arts center for a trio concert (piano, violin, and cello).  We made it in time and enjoyed some Shostakovich and Beethoven. The difference between the two composers is astounding. T says Shostakovich sounded "green" :)  (super green?).  Both pieces were very bright and I particularly enjoy that smaller combination of strings and piano. It was nice. 
Dinner at Cafe Adam, a modern, classy restaurant with delicious food and a yummy, chocolate-y dessert (is "yummy chocolate" redundant?).  Back at the inn we had a nice soak in the jacuzzi tub (yes, it was just a soak, Vivian!) and crashed for another deep sleep. Amazing how much "magic" there is to be had in simply sleeping, huh?  
Anyway :)
Sunday was quite an elegant day [even though we got the Mass times confused and were only there for the second half of Mass :( oops].  We strolled through Great Barrington and found some delicious old books at a used book store, had some fabulous coffee, and spent the rest of a lazy afternoon in our room reading and lounging. [I also showed T the crafty project I had been working on in CA. He likes it a lot.]  Dinner that night was at the Wheatleigh Hotel's Library dining room.  Good food, good wine, and tasty deserts. A very relaxed meal, waited on by people with accents, watching the sun set in Western Massachusettes. 
On Monday, we did some more wandering. We saw a pretty dining room set we'd like someday (maybe), had more coffee :D and generally enjoyed the warm weather. We headed to the Norman Rockwell Museum in West Stockbridge, too. We love Rockwell's paintings, but we've come to the conclusion that we couldn't pick just one or two or three to put in our home. It seems they have to go with a certain decorating style that we don't have. We do want a book someday, a big book with prints of all his paintings in it. That way we could really enjoy them in all their nuances :) Someday. 
Home in time for dinner and a movie (As You Like It) on Monday evening. I even managed to get all unpacked before going to bed. It's always nice to wake up to an organized house, especially when you have to go to work right off. 
And for tonight--our actual anniversary--T is taking me to The Capital Grille for dinner. Then we'll hit up the Museum of Fine Arts to see this exhibit. What a lucky woman I am, to have such a delight for a husband! Should be a fun evening. Maybe T will post about some of the surprises I have for him :D
Here's a link to the pictures I took this weekend: 

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