Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Have Plans for the Weekend?

We do :)
My sweet husband is taking me away for a nice anniversary weekend in the Berkshires (can you believe we've been married almost three years?).  We'll go see the Norman Rockwell museum and T has planned several hikes.  All in all, it should be a lovely relaxing weekend just to ourselves. 
I even took Monday off work so we have an extra day to relax! 
[And, incidentally, it's a good thing we have a relaxing weekend ahead because this past weekend, even though it was a three-day weekend (thank you, Boston Marathon!), was chok full of fun things to do.  Friday and Saturday we had two friend staying with us and they took us to our VERY first Red Sox game (Go Sox! We beat the Orioles.). Sunday we had a St. Thomas party to celebrate Easter with our friends (yes, that involved a lot of baking--Pascha, Springerles, ham, cakes, etc, etc), and Monday I got to go on an engagement photo shoot (as an artistic consultant). Then I invited the photographer, his brother, and the cute couple (all of whom are our good friends) for another Easter dinner of creamed soup and Pascha bread.  So while I didn't get much done to prepare for the week, the weekend was lots of fun. 
But now I'm tired.. hm.]