Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Kitchen Sink

It was Daddy's day off and Momma was at her last half-day of school for the year. 
"Taylor, you wanna give me a hand fixing the kitchen faucet?"
"Sure thing, Dad." 
Thus began the great saga of the Christmas Sink :) 
[Actually, it wasn't a saga. It only lasted three days; and half of one of those days was just waiting for silicone to dry. T and Daddy also were able to fix the light above the kitchen sink and install the old faucet in the garage sink. But--I digress...] 
T moved some of the dirty dishes (which we did NOT wash--it was just going to be a short job, right?) and cleared out the area under the sink a bit. He climbed under and began to tighten the bolts that held the faucet on. 
::twist, twist, twist, *snap*:: 
So they take the faucet off to examine it while Daddy calls Momma at school: "Well, Dear, now's your chance to get a new kitchen faucet if you want one."  
"Oh.. Well can I get a new sink that doesn't overflow onto the kitchen floor, too?" 
We all arrange to have lunch in town and then head to Home Depot (the blessing and bane of our household projects!) to pick out a non-overflow sink and new disposal for Momma and a tall-enough-to-fill-a-pot-under-it faucet for Daddy. It only took us a couple hours to find something everyone was happy with (we even had a bit of time to investigate the bamboo flooring a few aisles over!).  I'm happy to report that Taylor found the sink of Momma's dreams :) (It's sparkly, too!) 
The sink only came with one faucet hole drilled, so Daddy and Taylor bought a hole saw for the other four we needed. It was interesting trying to drill though half-inch thick granite composite.. but it worked out :) Even though the teeth on the saw wore down to nubs after the first hole, the particles of granite the sink gave off were abrasive enough to grind through the rest of the holes. 
Anyway, to make a long story short(er): Friday we spent picking out and prepping the sink. Saturday was installing the sink and disposal and drain basket and figuring out the pipes underneath; Daddy and T also installed the old faucet on the garage sink (which they had also disassembled on Friday) and Momma and I washed all the dirty dishes). Sunday was re-doing the drain basket (because we didn't let it dry long enough before testing the water tightness of the sink) and tweaking the pipes to not leak. All before Christmas. How's that for awesomeness?  
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