Thursday, December 18, 2008

California, Here We Are!

We made it safely to CA! Despite a slight delay at the Boston airport, and despite 150 knot head-winds in the Midwest (necessitating that our plane stop in Denver to refuel), we arrived in Long Beach and picked up our luggage and rental car with no trouble at all (I love small airports!). Then we hit up In'n'Out Burger--the best fast food ever.
Since we got to my folks' house, I've kept quite busy :) Momma and Daddy are working this week, so I woke up early today and yesterday to see Momma off (Sorry, Daddy--you get up way early!) and was able to help her get a few things together before she headed out. Do you know what a nice teacher my Momma is? She made COOKIES for all her students--all 200 of them! And she is giving them a little "goody bag" tomorrow, just for being her students. I stuffed them all last night, and the cookies will be very good :) She's also making goody bags for many of the teachers and staff at her school. What a nice teacher! After seeing Momma off, I went back to bed and conked! I was so sleepy! When T came in to wake me up 2 hours later (!), and I told him I didn't know why I was so tired, he said it was because the peacefulness of the house is helping me relax and repair... :) I think it's true--especially at Christmas time, my parents' house is very peaceful, warm, inviting, and comforting. It's not that we don't have a lot to do (quite the contrary), but it's so easy to just be at ease here. So we're here, safe and sound, and sleepy :) But we're catching up on the sleep, and there's so much to do to keep us busy. I'll be baking quite a bit today, and cleaning up. Should be fun!

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