Monday, December 15, 2008

Damp December

The story of my life this winter... and wouldn't you know it--it's snowing like crazy in Spokane this year. As soon as we leave (it did this last year, too) GU gets a snow day! :Þ Maybe I'll get a white Christmas next year if we're in CO?
In other news, we said "bye for now" to some of our good friends we made here in Boston--the Hallowells. They leave this afternoon for Sunny California and I gotta admit, the New England world will be a bit darker without them here to sympathize with about the East Coast.. :) But it's good that they're going home. The grandparents can't WAIT to see little Madelyn, who is (in my own, impartial opinion), one of the cuter little squishy babies I've seen :)
We had a potluck party for them last night, which went off very well, I think. I made roast chicken and potatoes and rice (with gravy to top it off), they brought ribs and mashed potatoes and chips and pitas and hummus; and there was wine, chips, cheese dip, and lots of cookies! Mandy even made a batch of super-duper chocolate chip cookies while Dave held the baby-kins. [I'll post the pics that Mandy took when she uploads them later.] It was a nice (relatively early) evening, and it's always good to spend time with good friends before take-off. 
T and I leave for CA tomorrow morning :) We're very excited.
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