Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm a Rotten Person

...according to my track record for forwarding emails, actually. According to these forwards, I don't love Jesus, I don't support our military, I don't want to find a cure for cancer, I don't want to make people smile, I don't want to show my friends I love them, and I don't care about a dying girl's wish to tell the world to slow down and enjoy life. Pretty rotten, huh? I thought so too. I don't get forwards very often anymore, due in large part to the fact that most of my friends don't have time to read and send on the good ones. But when I do get them, I delete them. I do enjoy reading the few I get these days (thanks Nina!) and they make me smile or laugh or thank God for my blessings. But I still delete them.. Part of it, I'm sure, is the fear of viruses or trojans lurking in the pictures or .gif images of forwards (which I almost never download). Part of it is horror stories I've hears about people whose computers crashed after forwarding a chain letter. Part of it is laziness... part of it is pure hippie-style rebellion. I'm not even sure why I'm blogging about it, except for the fact that every time I get to the end of a forward, after the cute (sometimes dumb, sometimes moving, sometimes evocative) message, I get a twinge of guilt when it says, "If you love Jesus and want His word known throughout the world, pass this on to 20 friends" or "If you believe people can change the world, share this with everyone in your address book," ...because I DO love Jesus and want His word known throughout the world. I DO believe people can change the world (for better or worse). But I don't have to forward the email to prove it. So I suppose this is my guilty confession: I DELETE FORWARDS, even though I care about my family and friends and want to find a cure for cancer and all that. There. That's all.

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