Thursday, November 11, 2010


Can I admit that I'm kinda proud of myself?  I mean, even though I haven't posted a whole lot on a regular, consistent basis (so much for new year's resolutions, huh?), I've done a wordless photo a week consistently :) That's something, right? It's a start!

I started the wordless thing as an exercise in restraint. To practice not over-explaining my photos or my ideas. To let the picture tell the story. To inspire your imagination.  But I have a confession to make (at least, I think it's a confession--maybe it's more of an Announcement):  I don't like adding titles or descriptions to any of my photos now.  

Well, alright, I do add descriptions to some of them, and I do at least title others.  But when I come to a situation like this, where the photos could all be titled the same thing, or the same one or two things, I think my inherent laziness comes out and I say "oh, you know it's a ginkgo branch." And I leave you to it.

Is that freedom? Is it artistic? Is it really just laziness?

Well... whatever :)

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