Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's Better

...than a reversible purse?

A reversible purse with three options, of course!

Humbly presenting my third variation of the Estelle handbag.

It's really just a larger version of the original, but.. one day, the idea occurred to me to put a divider inside the purse (for better organization).  With two pockets on the "inside" of a reversible purse, doesn't that lend itself to the reversibility of both pockets?  I thought so.

I thought a lot about this purse before I started sewing it.  I must have looked rather comic--materials and pattern pieces spread all over the bed (and the rest of the bedroom, too), with me standing before it all, hands on my hips, glaring at it.  Sometimes I'd be sitting on the shuttle to or from work, eyes closed, stitching the pattern pieces together in my head, trying to figure out how I'd put this or that area of the purse together nicely.

I even sat down and tried to sketch out some of the seams, but I'm terrible at drawing, especially perspective drawing.  Nonetheless, it all helped a little bit.  Ultimately, I had to start cutting and pinning and flipping inside- or right-side out.

And mostly, it turned out :)  I managed, without shoving, to fit a number of useful items in my bag. Should come in handy when I don't want to wear out my dainty shoes walking home from work.

reversed to green solid

The nice thing about the shape of these purses is that it doesn't look ridiculously full when it's stuffed with all the things I think I might need.  And the pleats in the front seem to add virtually invisible expansion properties.  I can fit so much in all these purses.. it's a little strange (and sometimes heavy, too).  

But it's definitely a "day bag" that one would use for an all-day outing somewhere.  In the city, though, I do that often enough to need a nice-sized purse.  I could take out the shoes and fit an extra scarf and some gloves for cold weather.  Just so you  know, a netbook would fit in this one (the first one I made was too small at the opening) :)  I'll have to see how my new camera will fit, too! 

And what about the Moms out there? Do you think this is big enough for a small-ish diaper bag?  Maybe an "essentials" bag that you take for short trips?  I have no idea how much goes into a diaper bag, but let me know what you think. 

T says this purse would be great if I were on the run from the cops: "No, the lady we want had a green purse, this one's way different. Let's keep looking."  Though I guess if I were trying to be inconspicuous, I shouldn't have chosen such loud materials, right? Oh well :) 
reversed to "hot tamale" 

Check out the album of all three sizes, with "fit-able contents" laid out :) 


Contact me for pricing info if you'd like one for yourself (or for a friend) :) 


  1. Hey that material looks familiar. Looks awesome. I can't believe you thought it up. But, no, that could not be a diaper bag. My sister bought me a very nice Vera Badgely quilted bad and it is bigger than this bag. It's a bit small for a diaper bag, but I try to make it work anyway. I keep one diaper, a plastic bag, wipes, a pair on little boy underwear and shorts, small pack of tissues, sunglasses, wallet; sometimes I shove an appointment book or bottle of water. It works. I still adore your bag though.

  2. Anne! you should sell these on etsy, what a wonderful idea! (and what a lovely blog, I'm going to have to carve out some time and come read) :) labgm

  3. I came to your blog via Renee's, and I have to say that I LOVE these purses! Are you selling them? I am not a diaper bag person, I have always just used purses to hold everything. My kiddos wear cloth diapers, and your bags look like they would be big enough to hold everything. If you don't sell these, you definitely should!

  4. Michelle--I do sell the purses! Assuming either 1) you purchase and mail me the material or 2) I use material from my "stash" here are the prices:
    large (triple reverse) $50
    regular (double reverse) $35
    small (double--so cute as an evening bag!) $25

    Email me if you're interested. Thanks for the compliments :)
    ablack429 at gmail dot com