Friday, April 23, 2010

Babies Don't Keep

I sometimes get rather inquisitive looks from friends (friends who know T and I don't have any kids (yet)) when I talk about all the baby things I make.  I mean, really? for someone who has zero kids--even nieces and nephews that live close to me--it may seem strange that I make all sorts of things for babies.

But I love them :) and I figure that, by the time T and I are blessed with children, we'll be pretty much set.

The real reason, though, that I tend to make so many things for babies is that I have so many friends and family who are having babies.. and need, well, baby things. And I like to encourage hands-on parenting!  See, the joy I gain--knowing that some sweet squishy baby is squirming in one of my carriers, or nursing contentedly under my nursing covers, or doing tummy time on my blanket, or having his face wiped with my burp rags--is life-giving.  This is something I can do now to welcome Life into my marriage.  And, as the nursery rhyme says, "babies don't keep." So, here's another baby thing I make:

Nursing Covers. 

Reversible, of course :)

with soft corners for dabbing up spilled milk

and a pocket to keep your nursing-related things in.

complete with matching bag

Contact me with your email address for pricing information. Enjoy the pictures.
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  1. Anne, you are wonderful. And talented. And I think you have the right attitude about everything - you really are practicing a life-giving marriage by loving and supporting other babies in your lives. Great practice for you and yes, you'll be all set when children do arrive in your lives!

    P.S. love the new look of the blog!!

  2. Love the pocket. That's especially great to a mum with a newborn! You are a gift to us all.

  3. Kayleen--thank you :) it's a blessing to me to have friends in my life who support us :)

    Renee--I'll keep that in mind ;)

    and you both are a gift to me :) thank you for your friendship!