Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm Getting Better at This

I have now successfully completed my sixth mei tai.  I've got the process fairly streamlined and I have progressively had to rip out fewer and fewer seams. Baby steps, right? :)  This one is for Renee, whom I am going to visit next month.

Not that you're particularly interested, but I've only ever made one infant carrier, and the other five have been improvised-from-the-infant-pattern toddler carriers.  Admittedly, ring slings are way easier to handle with a newborn, and the babies fit so nicely all snugged up in cute pouches.  And ring slings are stuff-into-a-diaper-bag convenient. But I'm happy to have my infant carrier. What if I just have to get stuff done with my arms in front and the kid won't quiet down? Back carry :) (simple).

So for now all I have are pictures of the mei tai on my couch in our bedroom... chillin' until it's time for him to work :) In two weeks I'll be down in TX and we can try it out with Renee's adorable hobbit babies. I can't wait!

If I had to name this one, I think I'd call him Sam (yes, I think it's masculine).

Mei Tai

[Also, for those who are interested, I took these pictures with my new camera... What? I haven't told you about that yet? Well, well... Looks like another post is due soon!]


  1. what? i seem to have missed your other posts about the other 5! Also, where can I find the pattern for this wonderful thing?


  2. Katie--the pattern for the infant carrier is here:

    I improvised the toddler carrier from that. It's a little taller, a little wider, and the hood is bigger, straps wider, with darts in the body for easier positioning of the toddler.

    Here are links to the others I've made:
    The first three:

    Later: (blog post here: