Monday, October 5, 2009

Trippin' the Light Fantastic!

On Thursday last week, Taylor took me to a trance concert :) to see Tiesto.  To clarify, this concert was not a rave!  But it was lots of fun! And the thing about trance is that it's pretty happy music.  It's hard to be in a morose mood when you're trippin' on trance!

Now, many of you know I didn't really like trance before (I would tolerate it--it's great "getting housework done" music (especially for Taylor. If you let him put trance on, he can do anything (probably even fly))).  But having seen Tiesto live gave me a real feel for the music (ha, literally--the bass was pretty intense), I have to admit that I kinda like it...  on Friday (although my ears were still ringing), I set up a Tiesto station on Pandora and listened to trance all morning.  I got a lot done, actually, and felt very energetic the whole morning (yeah.. that's quite unusual for a Friday morning at work!).

I still can't listen to it as much or for as long as my Love :) but... it's growing on me.  Here is one example of Tiesto's sound (at about 2:09 is where the bass hits).

And as for pictures.. well, it's difficult to get pictures when there are so many things to focus on.  Enjoy the few we did get :)


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