Thursday, October 8, 2009

Our "New" Living Room

Some of you have asked to see pictures of our newly re-arranged living room :)  I know it's a little dorky, but you don't have to read it if you're not interested!

Our new buffet. I'm also planning on re-doing the pictures scattered about the wall here.  I'll post pics of that when I get it finished.

Can you believe we fit all the stuff that was in the other dressers into this bitty one? We got rid of a lot, too :)

Shot with my bookshelves, too.  We wanted a much more "open" set up with more room to sit down and add chairs.

From the hallway. The futon couch used to be up against the windows.

From Taylor's "study" (closet).  You can see the nifty icon box-shelf I built on Monday evening. I think it turned out pretty well, huh?

We're also going to take out the a/c for the winter, to let in more light :)

Wanna come over for some tea and hearty conversation?!


  1. Love the remix - one of these days I am going to come and try out that futon ;-)