Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Day 8 - Let It Snow!

No, there's no snow in this picture.  But the snow is a rather direct cause of the opportunity for the picture.  My Sunday evening red-eye flight was canceled due to the heavy (heavy) snow in the New England area, so I stayed an extra day in warm, sunny, deligitful (family-filled) California.  Not bad for a Monday, huh?  
Momma and Daddy left the area in the morning to go pick up Uncle Greg, who flew in for a visit.  Then Viv went to some classes while I did some blogging and picture posting, and when she came home (after deciding to ditch class later that evening) we went out to dinner and then to The Dub for a drink! It was fun to see the places where she and all her friends hang out. The Dubliner was a classy place, too.  Reminded me of the Publik House--a beer house here in Boston.  We had a drink together and I had lots of fun trying to capture the moment in this picture.  Viv kept telling me to not "lay all over the bar" but I wasn't drunk--I was just trying to position the camera the right way [that's my hand on the beer glass in the center--I had to be in the picture, too].  In case you can't tell, that's Viv's "Let's pretend to be talking for your crazy picture thing" face :) I loveses my seester!
Day 8 - Let it Snow!
The flight wasn't too bad.  I finished another baby hat :) Pictures forthcoming (at a much later date, after the parents see the hat) and even got an hour or two of sleep.  Let's just say that this morning, I was tired!  Good thing they let me leave work early. Sleeping on keyboards is not, generally speaking, a productive task ;)

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