Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 10 - Candles & Crochet

Day 10 - Candles & Crochet
This was the only picture I took yesterday.  It was a great day, though! After a less-sleepy day at work, I came home and had a nice afternoon with my sweet p-Taylor and then packed up some yarn and my hardly-used crochet hook and went to class!   A couple weeks ago I signed up for a crochet class since I had had no luck with the little booklet I was given by my Grammy.  Pictures are great, but they're hard to learn from most of the time.  The class went very well! I learned the chain stitch, single crochet, and half-double crochet :D I'm super excited. Can't wait to learn more stitches next week! 
After class T and Burke and I went to dinner at the Golden Temple [if you look close you can see "Golden Temple" on the glass in the picture. Click for a larger view] for veggies and rice (it is Lent).  Tasty meal, good company, and a small crocheted bookmark for Burke.  Fun times!

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  1. Hola. Just wanted to drop a note saying that I'm enjoying your photos. Keep up the great work! (So far my favorite is the rosaries :)