Friday, April 29, 2011

A Whole Hand?

Today is my anniversary.  Five years ago today, I declared before an entire church filled with friends and family, that I would love Taylor forever, come rain or come shine.


Five years.

That's a whole hand!  Do you remember when you were five years old?  How new and exciting the world was, how happy you were all the time, and how much fun it was to run and play and jump and smile and laugh and tell jokes and eat and meet new people.

Do you remember how tangible life was, running around barefoot outside until the sun went down behind the mountains, the soles of your feet black from the dirt outside?  Running and running until you were so out of breath you could barely talk, but feeling as fast as the wind.

Do you remember how good hot chocolate tasted when it was cold outside, or how exciting Christmas Eve was as you went to bed, dreaming of presents and twinkling lights and the excitement of a newborn Babe come into the world?

Life is good at five years old.  Life is so real when you're that young.  Everything is beautiful because you believe it is.  Everything has promise because you're happy.

The trick to "growing up," I believe, is to keep it real; to keep things beautiful and to have real faith in the promise of Happiness and Love.

Here's to another five years, my Love.  To a lifetime of Love and promise and growing up together.  I'm so blessed to have you, my own Best Friend and Lover.  You are my true Joy in life :)






Happy 5 Years :)


  1. aw! Happy Anniversary. You guys are a gem of a couple. I remember meeting you two for the first time, at your apartment in Spokane. I thought your apartment was adorable, that you guys were such fun people, and I was really hoping you would like me :) I wanted you to approve of Mike and I dating so much! I'm so glad we are your friends, and I can't wait to see what the next five years in your relationship brings! God Bless and grant you two many, happy years.

  2. ha i love it :) great pictures, too!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! What a beautiful day to celebrate a whole hand ;).

  4. Happy Anniversary! I love that last photo :) I wish you many more happy years together.

  5. Happy Anniversary!! LOVE that last picture. Finn was born the day you guys were married - so it makes your post rather fitting for me. And tell Taylor Happy Birthday. The way I go on lying each year, I think he and I are now the same age ;)