Monday, March 21, 2011

Big Update

Excited to see a post title like that?  I wish, more than most people could possibly know, that I was the bearer of better news than this.

This morning I learned that the birth father has, indeed, filed an objection to the adoption.  So a court hearing is a certainty at this point, and the lawyer for our agency will try to get an idea of when the hearing might be scheduled, but it could take weeks, or even months to come up on the calendar.

I'm awash with a steady torrent of emotion, trying to come to terms with another indefinite period of waiting and uncertainty; trying to maintain my hope and faith that God has a plan and all we have to do is go along with it with as much grace as we can accept; trying to not feel irritated as everyone around me asks excitedly, "Have you heard anything yet?!"  Salt in the wound, really, but it's not their fault.

It's no one's fault.  That's the hardest part.

To all parents with babes-in-arms (or wombs):  give them a kiss for me, and ask them to say a prayer for all children who need a forever-home.  And for the frazzled hopeful-parents at the other end.

and we continue, on the way...


  1. lagbv.

    praying praying praying.. it's all we can do sometimes.

    i love you.

  2. If there was some way I could reach through this screen and hug you, I would.

    *more prayers on the way*

  3. Oh Anne, I'm so sorry. I have a strong urge to be angry with that father, but I'll channel the energy into prayers for the two of you instead. God bless and Mary keep you and the baby!

  4. Thank you so much ladies! I know your prayers are a tremendous help!!

  5. Praying for you, Anne. You are such a wonderful and I pray this little one will come home to you soon without any more complications along the way.

  6. You'll continue to be in our prayers! I was thinking of you and baby this morning :)

    By the way, that's such a gorgeous picture of you!

  7. Anne, I have a friend who has been down the adoption road several times with lots of bumps along the way. She is so passionate about this subject and if you need someone who will really, truly understand what you're going through and want to talk to her, please let me know. I'll get you her contact info.

  8. oh seester, I'm sorry. When I heard this morning my heart sank ... prayers abounding from our end, the kids continue to pray for the Little Girl and we will continue to do so. In that sense we can say she's a part of this family whether anyone else likes it or not! Love and prayers to you and T!

  9. Annie and Taylor,
    It takes two parents to anticipate, seek, labor for, accept, and love a child. Both of you appear solid and strong, but I know you are hurting inside, a lot. It is the worst kind of hurt because you do not know how long, if ever, it will be before it goes away. I cry and pray with you two, too, hoping and praying that our prayers and tears will become joyful. lagbd

  10. Oh, Anne, I am so sorry! The agony of it all. Maybe that's why I had to take to my bed for no apparent reason on my end,early this afternoon. Wish I could give you a hug. Will keep praying for all involved.


  11. Dear Cousins,
    Our love and prayers are with you, especially in this.
    Diana & Kevin, and children

  12. Thank you, all, for your support! It means so much to us. Truly! We would be lost without our family (all sorts of family!!).