Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree

Christmas trees are a serious business here at the in-law's.  The sagas of tree-getting are many and varied (and hilarious).  There was the year that Dad brought home 4 trees. Yeah--four.  Because they were all that the lot had left.  They were so lonely, I guess. 

Then there was the year that they got a 16-some foot tree, since in their old house they had cathedral ceilings.  And the year they lived 30 minutes from any hardware stores and broke three different tree stands trying to hold up a large-ish tree, which means three trips to and from town to get a new stand. 

There was the year they got a fabulous deal on a tree that was supposed to have gone to a large company for their rather large foyer, but the tree somehow never made it there.  So dad brought that one home.  Seriously--this tree was 10 feet in diameter at the bottom.  It was totally ginormous.  

That was the Christmas Taylor and I had started dating.  

That was also the year the Christmas tree nearly fell on me... [story for another time]

So, over the years, The Christmas Tree has grown in legend and greatness.  This year we found a lovely one and took it home, no problem.  The tree stand we have now is quite sturdy, with little fear of breaking it, and there are a plethora of hands to help decorate.  It was a little tall for the room were we were setting it up, but that's easily fixed with some clippers.  We don't need room for the angel on top because she just likes to sit on the branches anyway. 

And really, there's nothing that cheers up a room like a beautifully lighted and decorated tree, smelling of fresh pine branches and wonderful evergreen-loveliness.  

There's nothing quite as wondrous as a Christmas Tree. 

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