Thursday, December 23, 2010


Nothing happens at the Black's but the Two Little Girls know about it.  Especially in the kitchen.

If you pull out baking bowls or flour or sugar (particularly sugar) or vanilla, you will soon hear the familiar (sometimes dreaded) sound of their little wooden high-chairs *scroooooonkeeeeenkskenrrnenssk* scraping across the dining room, squeaking slowly (but steadily) into the kitchen, and up to the counter, right in front of your workspace.

"I'm just gonna see what's in this loodle bowl here," they say. 

Really, I don't mind.  Baking with kids is a very important part of the holidays for me.  If it weren't for Momma baking with me and my siblings, I don't think the holidays would be as sweet as they were.  It's one thing to have cookies on Christmas morning.  It's another thing entirely to have cookies that you spent hours decorating before Christmas eve..

And so we mix and roll and cut and squish and decorate the Christmas Cookies, waiting to devour them on Christmas day (when the fast is over, of course).

Sometimes, though, it's ok to taste them before--just to make sure they turned out ok :)

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