Friday, October 22, 2010


Hey! I'm still doing it :) I'm still managing (somehow) to take a photo a day.

Like many things in life, not every day is fabulous. Each day is a blessing, of course, but there are some days that stand out more than others. And there are some days when I have to muddle through, and only in retrospect do I see that there was blessing there.  Thankfully, those days are not as frequent as I sometimes make them out to be.

Some days stick in my mind as fresh and bright and happy and wonderful.  Some days' photos remind me of all the good-goldenness of life and its constantly changing fabric.  Some photos are peaceful. Some mean something only to me. Some are evidently frantic last-minute shots of whatever-I-can-find in front of me.

So, not much has changed from my last project. Are you surprised? I am, a bit. I thought that this year I'd do better about being deliberate. I thought I would take more time each day to compose a shot, rather than (as is usual), happening upon a tree and thinking, "ooh, what pretty leaves. I can take a nice picture of these."  There's nothing wrong with impromptu pictures of trees, but I had grand visions of 365 photos more intended, like Paul started out doing.

Maybe I'm not disciplined enough (heck, I can barely finish sewing projects in a timely manner for other people (who are paying me) (not to mention my own mending--let's see, 3 months and counting?)), but regardless, I certainly haven't managed (successfully) to 1) imagine, 2) plan for, 3) compose, 4) shoot, 5) process, and 6) post any nice deliberate photos like that.

But really, I'm ok with that. I've always been more of a seat-of-the-pants type of flier anyway.  It's enough for me to (try to) artistically arrange the food on a plate for my recipe shots. It's enough to tell someone to stand just so for a posed shot outside.  I am not (at least, not right now) interested in collecting lots of lights and lenses and gadgets for my photography.  Give me a ginkgo tree, a cloudy day, my 50mm 1.8 lens, and all the time in the world for walking and wandering, and you'll get one happy photographer-lady.



  1. love it :) i think it's great that you don't have to compose and really think about each picture.. i mean they still all turn out so great that it's actually a testament to your awesome photography skills :D

  2. aw, thanks, Seester! :) They don't all turn out awesome, but my favorites are still spontaneous ones!

  3. it just shows how open you are to live, love and the wonders God has put here. You don't have to create them, you see the beauty that is all around you. And, the fact that you take the time to capture that beauty and share it with others is another gift. I am very grateful to share those with you.

  4. beautiful seester, I LOVE your photos and am always excited to see a new post from my "fly by the seat" seester :)