Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Apples to Apples

Last night, as T and I were going to bed, we were talking about many varied things and apples came up. Since T's from WA, and I went to school there (I consider myself "from" WA since I got married there), I had a rather amusing thought, which I shared with T: "Wouldn't it be funny if we named all our kids after apples?" We could have: Fuji and Gala Black (twin girls!) MacIntosh (aah, the Scottish side of T's family) Granny Smith Black (sounds like a feminist grandmother from the 60s with a hyphenated last name) Courtland Black (British sounding?) Jonagold Black (German maybe.) 'Course, some names would be too bizarre, even for us: Red Delicious Black (horror movie?) Pink Lady Black (a rock band, maybe? Or, listed alphabetically by last name: Black, Pink Lady) Then I went online today to find some MORE interesting apple names, and some of them aren't too bad: Oliver Baldwin Anna Elstar Franklin Oriol Salome Alexander (A & R, I'll bet you didn't know your son was named after an apple!) Others, though, are not so normal, even for apples! Early Strawberry (This is the name of an apple. Seriously) Winter Banana Ellison's Orange Lemon Pippin (A hobbit apple?) Leather Coat (??) But how 'bout: Black, King Cole Black, Lady in the Snow (sounds like the title of a novel of the dark ages) Black, Merton Beauty Black, Rambo (yes, there's an apple variety called Rambo. It's for manly men only!) And, in honor of my mother-in-law, here are a few alliterative names: Bonnie Best Black Billie Bound Black Beauty of Bath Black Belle de Boskoop Black Black Oxford Black (or Black, Black Oxford) What would YOU name your kid if you had to choose an apple name? :) Just click on the link above and have fun! (Leave comments please, I have a feeling they'd be HILARIOUS!)

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