Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Not of the baby variety, unfortunately, but (in a way) of the "dependent" variety.

I've officially opened my Etsy shop.  *cue dramatic music*

That is, there are things in it.  Two things.  Two mei tai carriers that a friend ordered.  So even though you can't buy them, they're in the shop, and I think that counts for something.

I have one more purse to make for another friend and then I can start stocking non-reserved items :)  I have about a dozen mini purses cut out and ready to be sewn up, and I have plans for a few medium and large purses, plus one small-sized mei tai (in the same gray and yellow shown below).  Any takers?  Stay tuned for more exciting listings.

I hope :)

*Special thanks to my handsome husband who posed for these pictures and demonstrated how manly baby-wearing can be!*

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  1. Yay!!!!!!!! So exciting! I have seen and am totally impressed with the one you made for Mike and Kayleen. It's their favorite carrier. I look forward to seeing more in your shop!