Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two in Two Days

I felt rather like Mickey Mouse, when he triumphantly declared he'd killed seven [flies] with one blow, when I added the tag to little Daigh's blanket on Tuesday afternoon last week.  

[Incidentally, the cart of pumpkins the Giant eats in that cartoon have always reminded me of the candy-corn pumpkins at halloween, and I always get one little bag to have out at our costume party, just so I can sneak a few for myself each year :) (ok, I usually end up eating most of them--but it's a small bag.)]

You see, I had a few rush items to finish after we got back from Washington (Saturday morning), and before I left for my brother's house (Thursday).

On Sunday, I sewed one mei tai: a gift from a first-time-grandmother to her daughter-in-law (the shower was Sunday--hope she liked it!).  They are expecting a little boy, so I got to use the same bright green and blue I used for two other carriers. It seems to be a hit! Shout-out to Pixie for picking this material :)

Yes, the wine helped, if you were wondering ;)

I didn't have quite enough of the flower material for one continuous piece for the body, but I think my embellishment masks it (and reinforces it) well enough, non?

Pockets for the boy side, too:

this is one of my new tags :) I love them!

Then, on Monday, I finished sewing up the mei tai my sister-in-law picked out for their new baby, Daigh.

and, since I had some extra material (and since he is my nephew), I made him a matching blanket, too.

All in all, a pretty crafty break between trips!  I still have a few purses to get out this week, and now I'm getting requests for aprons :) Exciting!

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